Saturday, 24 May 2008

Crazy weekend

Well, it is bank holiday weekend again and the kids are fighting, calling each other fat pigs and eating all the biscuits. Now there is a "shut your cakehole"

Where will it all end? Probably in prison or something...

Meanwhile my mum, who is fast approaching 80 is very poorly. She went to the doctors yesterday who then diagnosed a "cold" and gave her a prescription for antibiotics... Hmm. I am very worried about her. My wife says she is the Dort of person who will "go just like that " and that's probably very true indeed. Fingers crossed she'll bounce back very very soon.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

They're at it again!

Looks like our friendly Muslims are at it again and trying to kill innocent men, women and children. The UK (and Europe) has a very big problem. There's an elephant in the room but the political classes are far too scared to talk about it.

Please place your bets on when the next attack will ocurr. No point asking about a target. We know who that is.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Oh yes, this'll help!

Just read that some crazy Imam in Keyna is telling his flock, for what of a better word, not to wear condoms when having sex as this causes Aids. Hmm, how? Well, of course, as we all know, the Americans are infecting condoms with the Aids virus in order to kill Muslims. All makes sense now, doesn't it.

Dear God.

Here's the link. Read and shake your head.

Mind you, at least it makes a change from riots and lynching over voodoo priests or whatever that, through black magic (no, not the chocolates) steal penises.

Is it me or is the world totally mental? I'm going for a lie down now.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Local Elections

Well, it has been a good day for punching Labour in the face then following up with opening a chillie-soaked umbrella where the sun doesn't shine.

Yes, it's the local elections where us, the tax-paying electorate, get to vent our fury on the Labour "government". Nothing will change, of course. The government will continue to pass the laws that have been created in the EU and that they cannot amend in any way. The local councils that are not Labour will continue to get their central goverment grants reduced, thereby forcing the local taxes up as a punnishment.

But why so Cynical Mr Angry Ranting Man? Well, we've got 650+ MPs in Parliament who do bugger all every day due to fact that they cannot amend the legislation being forced on the UK from the EU parliament. And they like their expenses. Oh yes.

Then you have the hoards of non-jobs that Labour has created. Such job titles as "Diversity Outreach Coordinator" and others that will make you sick can be found in the Guardian newspaper every week. And we've got thousands of them.

But what is the difference between the Conservatives and Labour parties? Not much that I can see. The Conservatives have pledged to stick to Labour's spending plans. So no tax cuts for me then. And they are both mental on so-called "Global Warming". And they can't really do anything really because the powerbase is Brussels, not Westminster now.

So, any point in democracy?

Jumped up Council Nazis

Well well well. Just when you thought all this political correctness crap couldn't descend anymore into unbelievable bullshit, along comes this story about a father who flew Jolly Roger for daughter's birthday being prosecuted by the local council!

Words just fail me.