Saturday, 15 January 2011

David Cameron is Honest

Yes, after just rewatching his New Year’s message to the nation, I feel I now was giving him a bad press before.

Listen to his words.

You’ll feel much better

Streaker FAIL

Oh this will have you laughing your danglies off!!!


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lord Monckton rulez!

A very good and very worth watching lecture on the lies and dissemination that is “global warming”

It’s New Year!

Yay! I’ve been going for 4 years! God, that’s depressing. I’ve made major inroads into the Blogo-sphere-thing. I have at least a, um, 2 or 3 regular readers. However, none of them actually leave any comments. That and the 20 million people who seem to know me but all live in Nigeria and want to give me 5 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS, all in capitals, so it must be real.


Anyway, here are my NYPs:

1) Another Euro panic, with the EU trying to grab even more power. No country will leave the EURO but the UK will meekly borrow more money we don’t have in order to prop up profligate socialist paradises….

2) Ireland elect a new government who will slavishly follow what the last lot of useless gobshites signed up to re ECB/IMF,

3) “Climate Change” continues, with more fucking twat taxes hiked up on the meek UK public. Nobody notices. 2011 winter starts earlier and even more snow.

4) EU carbon policies close more UK power stations. Pensioners freeze to death in the thousands as the windmills don’t work. Nobody cares.

5) Vince Cable gets eviscerated by crack whores.

6) The average price of a UK train ticket per mile now exceeds the cost of going to the moon. Daily Mail explodes.

7) Students riot over nothing they understand and are viciously Kettled by the police again. Student Union raises “enforced cleanliness” as a human rights abuse at European Court. Union Rep not allowed in to present case due to infringing EU directive of armpit stink. A sole student realises than crapping on important British monuments isn’t the best way to raise public sympathy for the cause, shortly before being bludgeoned to death for showing free will and independent thinking. Daily Mail is happy.

8) UK interest rates raised to 5% by August. Nobody joins dots between QE and hugely inflated import prices.

9) Daily Mail explodes over Swine Flu imported by Filthy Foreigners on Benefits.

10) Coalition collapses following discovery of Vince Cable’s eviscerated body and Ian Duncan Smith’s DNA all over the place.

11) EU Power Grab doesn’t force a referendum. Immigration causes Daily Mail to appoint Achmed Al-Alababilibil as new editor. Daily Mail calls for Sharia law.

12) Everything goes to hell in a handcart. Nobody cares. As they have all frozen to death from not being able to afford 900% unilateral increase in energy prices to fight “Climate Change”

13) Chris Hune ends up in last remaining Mental Asylum, shortly before it is closed and turned into a Mosque.