Monday, 28 December 2009

No more sprouts'

My wife has eaten 3 dozen sprouts, washed down with a bunch of pickled
onions and 2 kg of stuffing.

She is currently encased in concrete and dumped into a nuclear fuel
storage facility in Nebraska.

As if! The smell thing is right next to me and I think my nose has
melted off!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

How much for a fucking turkey?

Our local Tesco was selling turkey things for a god awful expensive amount. I picked up a Turkey Crown (which is tits on bone to be honest) and a 1.5 kg lump of this cost £21 earth quids. FFS.

There’s only me, the Wife (tm) and the 2 kids to feed. It lasted 1.3 meals. FFS!

On the other hand, the cheapo Bernardo Mathews Bird in a Frozen Box was £5 (or 2 of the bastards for £9 squids). One of the boxes fed us all, and left some scraps for the cats.

So, lessons learned for 2010:

1) Buy a Bernardo0 Mathews Bird in a Frozen Box

2) Avoid Eggnog. It is just wrong.

3) Don’t fly anywhere on a Christian festival for fear of the Religion Of Pieces.