Friday, 19 December 2014


Yes, thanks to the wonderous EU lawyer bastards, the following two picture are to be given equal rights….









Oh isn’t it lovely!!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oh for feck’s sake!


God no!

Ireland Holiday 2014–including Father Ted!


This is the small bit of Ballybunion beach from last week. Scortchingly hot and so lovely. Pity the water was freezing!


And we also went to see Father Ted’s house!


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Millipede is a twat

Listen to this. A complete car crash, the mad millionaire fuckwitt.

Presenter: What do you make of Jim Grant?
EM: I beg your pardon?
Presenter: Jim Grant, do you think he has done a good job?
EM: I think that lots of Labour representatives are doing a good job right across the country and I…
Presenter: You do know who Jim Grant is Mr Miliband?
EM: You will enlighten me I am sure.
Presenter: Swindon Labour leader.
EM: Yeah I think he is doing a good job.
Presenter: Will he feel like you support him enough if you don’t even know his name?
EM: Well he is doing a good job as leader of the council Jim is and I think that is the case.
Presenter: I mean it’s Swindon Labour leader. Do you think by your comments now people might be a bit perplexed by why you wouldn’t know who Jim Grant is?
EM: No, I know that Jim is doing a good job for Swindon and I think he is doing a good job as leader of the council.
Presenter: But he is not leader of the council is he Mr Miliband? It’s a Conservative led council.
EM: I think he is doing a good job for Labour on the council. I think he is doing a good job for Labour on the council.
Presenter: So let’s be clear. Who runs Swindon council?
EM: It’s a Conservative controlled council.

European Elections

When Clare and I were over in Dublin a few weeks ago for Thomas & Siobhan’s amazing wedding, the one thing that hit me was the IN YOUR FACE pictures on every fecking lamppost of gurning euro mp candidates. Everywhere. All the time. EVERYWHERE. Fuck me. EVERY WHERE. I mean it. It’s bloody embarrassing if you ask me.

Ok, some were ok looking. Some of the women looked vaguely nice, but the men looked like paedos to be honest.

But compare that to the UK. The capital city of the UK (that’s LONDON for you stupids out there) versus the capital city of Ireland (that’s DUBLIN for you stupids out there).

London: feck all.



So what does this tell us?

I dunno.

You tell me.

Monday, 19 May 2014

A lovely reminder of the past…..


Just thinking back to those days….. but here’s a remix type of thing I won’t be allowed to play at Clare and my wedding….. or may be it will be….. Smile


Love you, darling. Forever now and always.



Saturday, 10 May 2014

I’m going to take your money unless you let me take your money!



So what this tefal-headed moron is threatening us with is that unless we agree to being robbed blind by a bunch of incompetents then we will be robbed!

Remind me, why aren’t we stringing these bastards up with piano wire?

Utter cunts!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Kevin keeps shitting himself at age 13!


Thank God for the state to tell us parents what we have to do….

Kevin is now 18 and keeps shitting in the corner of the living room!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

More bargains from the local Market

Got this little lot for £5.00. So don’t let it be said you can’t feed a family well for little money.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Expected: Cull Cats!


Yes, kill them all, the furry bastards.

Meanwhile, here’s a cute baby badger pic who you lot want to have culled:


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bus Nutters!

Was upstairs in the bus and downstairs a woman was ranting on the phone to somebody she kept calling “Your Honour”. She was shouting that his son-in-law kept trying to rape her – 3 times last week apparently. She then shouted that her children were taken away from her because “they” said she was mad, but she wasn’t mad because she is a government employee. After a bit more ranting and shouting she said a classic line that had all upstairs laughing… “But at least I have self control!”

Monday, 24 March 2014

Fake the evidence then and arrest a random brown person then!!



Just get the police to invent some evidence, perhaps pointing to some random ethnic person, arrest the person then get the whole thing chucked out of court and declare a mistrial.

Yes, what could possibly go wrong with that plan, eh?

A bit like the rape allegations, many of which are made up by what could only be described as mental cows. Just the allegation of rape must be a conviction.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sugar tax? Why not fuck off instead?

The mentals are at it again. They’ve given up on fag tax, but instead on focusing on tobacco they have turned their beady eyes on sugar. Oh yes, sugar. Hmmmm.

So what have the fuckers to say about getting your carbs from sugar?


Fantastic that we have seers in the organisation, yes? Cuts out all those annoying research papers at least.


And…..? Is this science now?

Tell you what, why don’t you just fuck off? That would be much more beneficial, wouldn't’ it?

The Murdered Black Teenager Stephen Lawrence.


That’s all the poor sod will ever be known as. The current meme is that the police are the guilty ones. Er, did the police kill him? No. Who was first on scene to try and rescue him? Bunch of loonie leftie journalists? No, some off-duty police guy. That’s not in the media is it?

Another request for another pubic enquiry? For Fucks Sake!!! Just fucking leave it. The Irish have settled things after decades of killings in the name of land and religion. Why can’t you just shut the fuck up? Let the poor boy rest in peace. Don’t you think he deserves that? But no, he’s too hot a political potato to bash the establishment with, isn’t he?

Why the fuck is his parents – well, his mother to be precise, still harping on about stuff? And why the fuck was she on the Olympics? Seriously? Seriously??

Every time his name is mentioned now on the news everybody’s reaction is “Oh for fuck’s sake…..”  Is that really the memory you want,


Your poor son would be so proud of you, wouldn’t he? What’s his name again? Oh yes, The Murdered Black Teenager Stephen Lawrence. Must have been a bit of a mouthful at his christening, yes? Oh what that you say?

Yes. love. It’s all about the police isn’t it? You’ve got the people in jail now who actually DID the crime, but you want the police fucked in the ass as well don’t you? Cos they did it too, yes? You deranged fucking BARONESS woman. Seriously.  Just step down and shut the fuck up. It’s called respect. You know, that thing you keep harping on about? Respect your son’s memory. Don’t strut around like a media tart.

And why nothing nothing mentioned about the other poor lad Kriss Donald? Also brutally tortured and murdered for racial reasons? Maybe his parents aren’t mental motherfuckers obsessed with that sort of “justice” or, as I like to call it, continual victimhood as a vocation. Or cos it was cos he is white, innit? Tortured and murdered, that’s ok now is it?

And just goes to show you that none of you knew about this case, thanks to the PC-obsessed BBC and the generally shite mainstream media.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bargain Stuff from Local Shop Shocker

Well, fed up with paying over the odds for Schwartz herbs and spices, and the quite frankly very limited variety in the local Tescos or Sainsbury’s, Clare and I decided to gather our party and venture forth into the wilds of West Croydon to a bunch of those insane halal shops.

Just as well we did.

Got this lot for under £15.


Only thing is that the chillies aren’t that hot. Rather bland. But, good enough for cooking with.

And look at all the ginger for just 50p!!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How to make a left-over diet pizza


Every felt like you need to use up those left over bits and pieces and didn’t want to pay £20 for a fecking pizza online? Well let’s do the Mr Angry Diet Pizza.

You’ll need:

1) Flour Tortilla:


Plus a blob or two of some tomato puree:


Which gets smeared around like a smeary thing, yummy:


Then add some left over bits:


As we can see here, there are some Swedish meatballs, and cheese and a few slices of leftover hams.


Which gives this. The diet pizza base. Now to add some extras!


Yes, some chillies and some chillie oil. You can omit these, but try putting some olive oil on the diet pizza instead. It really makes a big difference. You don’t need much, just a little drizzle.


Here’s the final result, ready to put into a 200c oven for about 10 minutes.


As you can see, put it into the oven and then close the door. Don’t, for example, throw the whole lot out of the window or smash your head into the fridge door. That would be erroneous.



And here’s the result. A lovely dinner with bugger all calories and using up all your leftovers.


Friday, 24 January 2014

Phwar! Sexy Muslim lady spotted going to court…..



Wow, look at those, er, well. Um. Hmmmm. Is it a man? A woman? A beast? Fuck knows.

Or was that a picture of Uncle Bulgaria? And what’s he doing being charged with intimidating a witness?

This is the story about some mad woman who has been told she must take off the Uncle Bulgaria mask in order to give evidence.

Pretty much an open or shut case, no?