Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sugar tax? Why not fuck off instead?

The mentals are at it again. They’ve given up on fag tax, but instead on focusing on tobacco they have turned their beady eyes on sugar. Oh yes, sugar. Hmmmm.

So what have the fuckers to say about getting your carbs from sugar?


Fantastic that we have seers in the organisation, yes? Cuts out all those annoying research papers at least.


And…..? Is this science now?

Tell you what, why don’t you just fuck off? That would be much more beneficial, wouldn't’ it?


Leg-iron said...

Unfortunately yes, that is science now. The conclusions are written before the grant money is handed over.

Must be a damn sight easier than in my day, when we were expected to actually do some work.

Anonymous said...

Well fucking said!!!

Flaxen Saxon said...

Indeed.It is shit like this that makes me want to burn stuff. Although to be fair my burning threshold has alwayss been set low.