Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Murdered Black Teenager Stephen Lawrence.


That’s all the poor sod will ever be known as. The current meme is that the police are the guilty ones. Er, did the police kill him? No. Who was first on scene to try and rescue him? Bunch of loonie leftie journalists? No, some off-duty police guy. That’s not in the media is it?

Another request for another pubic enquiry? For Fucks Sake!!! Just fucking leave it. The Irish have settled things after decades of killings in the name of land and religion. Why can’t you just shut the fuck up? Let the poor boy rest in peace. Don’t you think he deserves that? But no, he’s too hot a political potato to bash the establishment with, isn’t he?

Why the fuck is his parents – well, his mother to be precise, still harping on about stuff? And why the fuck was she on the Olympics? Seriously? Seriously??

Every time his name is mentioned now on the news everybody’s reaction is “Oh for fuck’s sake…..”  Is that really the memory you want,


Your poor son would be so proud of you, wouldn’t he? What’s his name again? Oh yes, The Murdered Black Teenager Stephen Lawrence. Must have been a bit of a mouthful at his christening, yes? Oh what that you say?

Yes. love. It’s all about the police isn’t it? You’ve got the people in jail now who actually DID the crime, but you want the police fucked in the ass as well don’t you? Cos they did it too, yes? You deranged fucking BARONESS woman. Seriously.  Just step down and shut the fuck up. It’s called respect. You know, that thing you keep harping on about? Respect your son’s memory. Don’t strut around like a media tart.

And why nothing nothing mentioned about the other poor lad Kriss Donald? Also brutally tortured and murdered for racial reasons? Maybe his parents aren’t mental motherfuckers obsessed with that sort of “justice” or, as I like to call it, continual victimhood as a vocation. Or cos it was cos he is white, innit? Tortured and murdered, that’s ok now is it?

And just goes to show you that none of you knew about this case, thanks to the PC-obsessed BBC and the generally shite mainstream media.

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