Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Definitely not one of my five a day

Had a truly yummy dinner. And those mental doctors and meddling politicians can go and get stuffed!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Employees of The State

Always complaining about everything. How hard they work. How lowly paid they are compared to the evil private sector. How they MUST strike to get their pension.


Ok, they’ve been PROMISED a pension of this and that. Just like everybody in the country was promised a referendum about he Lisbon Treaty. It was in cast iron, you know.

What happened?

We got fucked over.

Now, it’s your turn to get fucked over. Like my pension was. When Gordon the Brown nicked a load of it. The bastard.

Go on, why not try an indefinite strike? As you are SOOOOOO needed I am sure the public will be screaming out for you to be paid what you are worth.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Pubic (sic) Sector Strikes!

Yes, we are now facing unprecedented strike action from the much loved public sector, with their iron-plated pensions. So, how will you be coping with the lack of diversity outreach co-ordinators, gay leisure directors and the ever vigilant social workers on 30th November?

Calling the police to report a burglary? No problem at al. Why? Well, with all the call staff sunning themselves in Brighton the police will be drafting in replacements….. PCs. Yes. So the police are manning the phones and then… um. Well, there’ll be nobody on the street to follow up.

So don’t go getting mugged or anything.

Mind you, if you break the law in a heinous and quite frankly evil way (say by parking where you aren’t supposed to or burping in an offensive manner) then the attack helicopter gunship will machine-gun your ass!

Or donkey.

Oh, and don’t forget the miners. Who?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Still Awake

Well, it’s coming up to 01:30 and I have to get up at 07:00. Can’t sleep. Must blog. Why? Well, I’m just full of energy. Sleep means nothing to me anymore. Only love does. And she is snuffling away on our bed. So cute. I love the fupping.

Come with me.

To the future.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Oh such lyrics!

I’ve waited so long to feel it….

The night of my dreams, you still belong.

The moments we have between us, I now know love is meant to be there. And now that it has come.. don’t ever part.

I don’t want to be here tonight, alone, now that I’ve found you…




And who says hardcore is awful, with lyrics like that.

Waiting for Godot

Hurry up, please. No more procrastination.

Her lawyers are ignoring my letters.

Just post the documents. I don’t care what you say I am, I just want free.


Oh, or was it buswankers?

Anyway, the tube “drivers” (i.e. they push a lever forward and backward and occasionally shout incomprehensible bollocks over the tannoy system) are threatening a strike on Boxing Day this year unless they get paid a fair wage.

What, almost £40k a year for a 32 hour week isn’t enough?


So the scrounging wankstains want 3x pay AND a day off in lieu. For working 1 day.

Well, I say TFL tell them to go fuck themselves. Anybody striking gets fired. And replaced by a computer.

Fucking leftie twats.

They don’t see that their biggest enemy isn’t their employers, but their own unions.

Remember the miners? No? Well, there you go.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hail to our heroes…


For those who have lain down their lives in defence of our freedoms, our liberties and our future.

Shame upon us who remember not, and those among us who wish to destroy that was fought and died for.