Saturday, 26 January 2013

Antisocial Mediator Convicted of Homophobic Abuse

Oh, you really can’t make this stuff up, can you?


Lovely woman, don’t you think?

I wonder what sort of qualification you need to be employed by an “Antisocial Behaviour Mediator” in Thornton Heath these days?

Maybe she thought she had to be a truly antisocial mediator of behaviour?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

“Tax everything!” The French say.

For God’s sake.


The above comes from The Register who report that the deranged French socialists want to tax internet providers for hosting “data” by which they mean stuff like photos and facebook status updates.

Is there nothing these mental lefties won’t do? They’re already busy getting rid of all the money earners in their country by trying to tax them to death, and now they want to tax their own citizens to death for using facebook. Oh, but it is facebook who will pay the tax, they cry. Will they fuck.

Do these politicians ever question their own sanity? I know I fucking do!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Promise of another EU Referendum?

Yeah, right.

Camer-mong, you must think so so little of the pathetic pricks who accidentally voted you, and your quisling twat Clegg, into power that you think they cannot remember what you promised them last time?

Remember, you cretin?


Not very cast iron, is it, you patronising twerp?

Oh, but now what is it he’s promising?


Oh yes, another promise of a cast iron referendum. FFS. Are we so fucking stupid to believe this idiot? Who cares about Milliverse, or whatever his name is. He’s going to be elected as PM of wherever because the mad monkeys there would elect a Tourettes suffering giraffe with a red rosette.


Oh fuck off. You are nothing but a dissembler.  You tefal-headed arsebiscuit!

So, how long do we have to wait? 4 fecking years? And after the general election where the twats will just place an X next to the party they always have and always will do?


Camer-mong has no intention of leaving the EU (that’s where he will end up anyway, as a heavily paid twatty person like Blair has got himself with the UN), or giving us, the people, a decision.

My girlfriend is a bit leftie, but she has a good soul so you can forgive her for thinking that such a MONUMENTAL decision as to whether we should indeed be asked whether we should have the ability of deciding our own fate and future as so beyond us that our so trusted duck-pond fucking politicians should do it all for us. After all we are just plebs, right? No, I must herefore and forthwith disagree. Where the fuck do we stop on that path? “Oh no, that criminal trial is a bit to complex for the xfactor bred arsewanks and therefore just the judge must decide!”, “Oh dear, somebody said something about you but none of us can back anything up so therefore you must fall down these stairs, as you are brown!”. Why bother with anything? If the masses say “I want to be a slave and have no fucking freedom, but thank you so very much for asking me twice or three times” – like Ireland did, well that’s your fucking bed and you better get comfortable in it because that’s where you’ll be, for the rest of your life, with your arse in the air hoping that you don’t get raped TOO much.

She does like Michael Collins. The Irish revolutionary. Of course, he knew his people wanted freedom. He’s currently spinning so fast in his grave that he is current powering most of western Europe with power. Which given the deranged decisions to go for ECO power, is just as well, as otherwise we’d all be fecking dead!

Have you noticed that even when the most Europhile nations have been given a vote they have said “FUCK OFF!!!”? But no, nobody cares a damn.

It’s all going to end with bloodshed, oh yes.  < if you can be daring enough!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowball Warming


Just a reminder that with Global Warming the chance of anybody ever seeing snow in the UK is zero.


Have they really been banging on about this total deception for 13 fucking years? And how much has it cost us, in both monetary terms and also lives since then?

Oh, wait a second. An hour after the above picture we now see this:


And the snowfall has increased…

Saturday, 12 January 2013

More and More tax….

The wondrous government that nobody voted for has decided the create a minumum state pension.

This means that I, and millions of me, will have to pay EVEN MORE for scrounging bastards who have paid bog all or nothing.


So that’s around £600 a year more in tax I will have to pay. Where is it coming from, I wonder?


So, what shall I cut down on?

  • Food
  • Heating
  • Visiting the girls
  • Presents

Perhaps Camer-mong will like to let me know. I’ve got fuck all to live on for the next two weeks. Thanks to this extra tax for the indolent, I will have 2.5 weeks of bugger all?

The tefal-faced potato wanker!

Racist Black Guy in Thornton Heath Shocker!

Clare and I were waiting for a bus at Thornton Heath (opposite the Tescos) and there was an elderlyish black guy there advertising his disco DJ services. He did this by having a large stack of speakers, on top of which was taped a car stereo. Nice. Class. Not only was the Reggae being pumped out by a constantly skipping CD player, the guy was also not very familiar with how it was supposed to be working.


A few Asian (i.e. Pakistani) guys sauntered past and our man decided to inform them that they were “blud clart!” and “stink” in a heavy Jamaican accent. As they turned the corner, he shouted that they should go “home” and this was England. He also disapproved of their presence and let his opinion be known.

Luckily, the bus turned up and we boarded.

The guy, after pressing and fiddling with his car stereo, decided that the elderly Indian lady on the bus needed a lesson in cultural enrichment and proceeded to point his hand like a gun at her and inform her of her “blud clart” status.

But none of that was racist, you see. Nope. Only white people are racist.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

5 years!!

Just looking at my thingy, as one does, I see that I am almost 5 years old in the blog thingy. Bloody hell! The birthday is 9th Feb 2013.

How much has happened since then…

  • More scum
  • Illiteracy
  • Rants
  • New life & Girlfriend

Madness, I tell you! Madness!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It’s 1st January 2013–Time for Easter!

Spotted earlier this afternoon when we went to local Tesco to get some groceries… the great putting out of the Easter stuff has begun.


The above eggs and coins were to be placed next to the Lindt chocolate rabbits.

For fuck’s sake!