Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Slob !

Omg! Waynetta slob has just boarded my train and sat far too bloody
close to me!!!!

I am now going to vomit my guts up!


Sunday, 1 February 2009

More Idiots and Signs

Walking  from work to the tube station the other day I came across this sign:

stupid sign

No more disabled access. It is now “Ambulant”. Yes, I can see it now, “Look, mum, there’s a bunch of those ambulant wankers in their wheelchairs. Let’s go punch them in the face!”

But, aside from the stupid name, can you see what else is wrong with the sign?

Ambulant. Ambulant. Hmmm….


adj : able to walk about; "the patient is ambulatory" [syn: {ambulatory}]

Yes, another case of being both a dipshit and insulting to the disabled too. Nice one, thickos!Ambulant. Hmmm….

Idiot’s in Charge of ‘Sign’s at King’s Cro’s’s

Yes, the same bloody bunch of idiots who concocted this sign for our local Tescos have been employed by the stupid fuckwits at Kings Cross station in London to abuse the English language.

They have surpassed themselves this time. Not only have they entirely forgotten about capitalising new sentences, they have not bothered about ending them correctly too:

apostrophe outrage 2

So, not only do we have the usual CCTV camera’s, we now have to huff and puff our way through the “sentence” above.

Not only has this resulted in my blood pressure going through the roof yet again, but next to the above sign is this one:

apostrophe outrage 3

Presumably this is because once I have gone into a rage I just need to find out where the taxi’s are, to get home and write this blog.

Please send me any other outrageous abuses to the usual place.