Monday, 26 October 2009

I’ve been absent recently

Sorry for the non-posts. I’ve had a few personal issues that I had to resolve. They are now resolved. So there are no barriers to me posting now. As you can see, I  have already posted some stuff that has annoyed me over the last week or so. With the Tesco employing idiots and having to train them up to be better idiots issue (FAIL) to the killer truck driver stuff, well. Huh. Arse and barnacles!


Local Government Fuckwits

There’s a £10 prize fund to the first person who can decipher what the hell this sign means:



Illiterate cnuts!

Here’s one for the murdering truck driver’s:



Get your fucking HGV’s and your own STI’s out of my yard!

Tesco Cafe Illiteracy!

Following on from a previous post about Tesco stupidity, here’s a pic from their in-store cafe….


Machine’s, eh? WTF? Go and get a fucking education. It’s not difficult.