Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And how about some bins being emptied?

No bin collections (recycling) until mid Jan for us. And that’s before the excuses around the “Snow”.


More Global Warming Bullshit

Well, it is 2010 now and the big freeze is on. The Met Office (paid for by taxes) predicted a mild winter (as well as a scorcio summer). Utter arse.

Snow snow and more snow; bloody freezing, raining and generally shite.

Well done, you nobs.

Yet the ever rumbling climate change crap continues. More Green Taxes to stop the polar bears dying. Even if they were, sod them, the big hairy beary bastards.

I want fewer taxes, not more.

And how about some fecking gritting the pavements for a change, you local council idiot nobs? Don’t we pay enough council tax or something? Fire some god damned outreach co-ordinators and buy something useful, like grit.