Friday, 30 December 2011

Three Hundred and Sixty Five… give a bit.

A year. If you had told me what I have experienced these last 365 days I would have looked at you in "that" way. But, by God, what has happened is destined. I must have been. The likelihood of everything falling into place so _perfectly_ - I mean, what's the chance of that?

To Clar ni Broin, I love you. I always loved you - but I just hadn't met you. You are my one and all. My love. My life. We will be with other forever, and then that extra day.....

I remember looking at the tree in what was my back garden back in 2010, as it shed its leaves. Looking up towards the sky, the clouds above and looking all fluffy. I said to myself that I would never see that sight again. I would be elsewhere. Sad as it is to take that big step into the future, one that I wasn’t entirely sure I should want to take, but I knew I had to. For all our sakes. From that tree was my picture, on my birthday. From there onto teh interwebs, And from there was Clar ni Broin. In the garden of the holy nuns.

Now, I can see the horizon, with the blinding light of the rising sun. Walking forward, arms outstretched. Enormous smile. Heart beating fast. Full of love. At last.

To you, Clare.

I come.

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