Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Deluded are on Strike!

Good, let them keep striking. We don’t need them. They need to learn that they’ve had it too good for too long, funded by a vote-buying, corrupt, debt-wanking Labour government who have pissed so much money up the wall that there simply isn’t any left. And the wall is now all covered in piss stains too.

They raided our private pensions (and are set to do so again) to pay for their cattle’s votes, so now it is high time the public sector felt the pain too.

So go on, stay on strike. I dare you!

A good article above from the Daily Mash people.

And a great money quote:

“If the striker continues to insist that you should pay for his pension and that he should retire five years earlier than you, always say ‘Pardon me?’ rather than ‘Huh?’, ‘Come again?’ or ‘What in the name of shitting fuck are you talking about you delusional, self-serving piss-bucket?’

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Difficult Conversations….

On Saturday I go up to see my girls very early – need to be up at 5am and being shooed away before 3pm.

I have a somewhat difficult discussion to have with my ex-wife. Things need to be concluded. And they will be.

Wish me well!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A vision for the future….


A beautiful vista.

One that both of us will walk through, hand in hand.

On our journey, into our future.

Public Sector Strikes

Ok, here’s my main rant of the weekend.


I mean.

Ok, the public sector in certain circumstances may be the best model to deliver a service the customers want and are prepared to pay for: Fire, Police, Army etc.

  • Not education.
  • Not health.
  • Not armies of fucking 1 armed lesbian climate change outreach co-ordinators.
  • Not social services. Definitely not those. Ask Baby P. How well did that work out?

The private sector can provide what people are prepared to pay for. Not forced to pay for. There is a big fucking difference. When did you last go into a supermarket and get cornered by a bearded disabled dwarf lesbian co-ordinator who told you that you were going to fucking well buy 20 large marrows and all the durex lube for £1000 or go to jail?

When was the last time somebody came to your door and said “Would you like to pay for 25 climate change outreach workers?” or “A bunch of idiots down the street are bored and about to kill an old man with a metal pole unless we give in and give them a skating park, would you like to donate £150 or would you like to go to jail?” Did you get asked whether you’d like them taken off the street and thrown into jail? No, the criminals are the victims now. You ponce.

Because that’s all tax is. Lawful theft using force. Don’t pay your council tax, go to jail. Do not pass go. Unless, of course, you are some sort of asylum seeker on benefits. Yes, bring them in. Please culturally enrich my ass.

And then we come to benefits.

Who pays for that?

The public sector?

Do they fuck.

Where does the income that the public sector enjoy come from? Gordon Brown’s hairy arse? Cameron’s minge? Cleggs, well, dangleberries? No, it fucking well comes from the part of the economy that generates wealth. Not the parasitical side. That’s the sad bastards in the private sector who can’t go on fucking strike because they know they’d lose their jobs.

If I were in “powah”, anybody who goes on strike gets fired. No ifs, no buts. If you think your job is so shit that you need to go on strike, then go get another bloody one. I’m sure that person would swap with you.

So I say to all those public sector workers who are outraged at having to live in the real world now that the money has run out, go on strike. For ever. Nobody will miss you. And if they do, then you can come back and get paid more. Because you are delivering a service the paying public are prepared to pay for. The rest, go fuck yourselves.

And have you seen the s-i-z-e of the UNFUNDED public sector pension liabilities? I bet you fucking haven’t a clue. You thought Madoff was a ponzi bastard. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

There is a shitstorm coming. I hope you have good shelter.

It keeps on getting better….

And I know.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Giggs ‘n’ Slags

Righto. Here’s the “facts” as reported by the Daily Mail. Ahem.

The sister-in-law of Ryan Giggs - with whom the Manchester United player had an eight-year affair - has revealed that she aborted his baby weeks before marrying his brother Rhodri.

Natasha Giggs was given £500 by the cheating footballer towards the cost of the abortion

Hmm. Ok, so maybe only “once” then. Or at least a few times over 8 years…. And £500 quids? What does he think she is, some sort of chavvy slag?

Two weeks later she married Rhodri in Las Vegas. One of the guests was actor Will Mellor - also revealed to have had a one-night stand with the bride 11 years ago.

Ok, a bit of a history then. Twice in 11 years.

The mother-of-two is also said to have had flings with three other Manchester United players.

She is said to have slept with Dwight Yorke, Phil Bardsley and Danny Simpson when they were playing for the United side, it has been claimed by The Sun

Er, ok a few more then. Hell, happens to everybody, doesn’t it?


So, who feels sorry for the poor husband who’s been serially cheated on? ……. Yep, nobody.

Methinks she’s a bit of a slag then. The least she could’ve done would have been to tell her husband and divorce him. Is it that difficult?

Households must fight back against energy price rises, says Chris Huhne

Well, first off, fuck off you mental leftie bastard. You know full well that the reason that prices are going through the damn roof are to do with your fucking mentalist eco bollocks. Wind farms (subsidised), Solar arrays (subsidised) – In the UK for fuck’s sake!, carbon capture (untried and completely fucking useless with nobs on) and the European Carbon Trading scheme (utter shite).

Tell you what, Huhne. Why don’t you just go and kill yourself? Think of all that precious carbon you will be not emitting when dead. Either that or we all rise up and bludgeon your stinking corpse to death.

You really are a complete and total arsehole.

So what’s your solution? “Go get somebody who is cheaper”. You fucknut. You really don’t live in the real world, do you?

Just bend over and pick up that soap in the shower once you get put in jail, eh?


The question……

Mayhap needeth a positive response. And if not, then it is only time until yes. My life is better. Future happiness awaits. I hope. I desire. I love…..

Friday, 10 June 2011

Oh I am

So, am I ready? Am I ready? You're god damned right I am!

I have committed totally and utterly.. And then some more.

New address: cloud9
Phone number: spek taku lar

My heart is flipping over and over all the time - this is what true love is and I am so so happy.


In perpetuum te semperque amabo!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

All Hail To The Duke!

After years and years and years of waiting….. the Duke is back!



Your face, your ass, what's the difference?

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

North Herts Leisure Centre

Took girls up to the little cafe above the swimming pool for a dinner-y treat, only to be confounded by extreme apostrophe abuse, again!

This time with Italian wraps:



Stupid Warnings

Ok, my big daughter has turned 10. So ex-wifey buys a “I am 10” badge. Now, what do you think the stupid health and safety morons insist on putting onto it?


Yes, apparently it isn’t suitable for children under 36 months.

Now, this begs the question as to why a parent, or any other homicidal psychopath, would give a 3 year old a “I am 10” badge.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Doctor Is In

Luckily, my girlfriend being a doctor and an ‘ologist, she will be able to tend to my medical requirements.






I have no idea why I have said this.*






*aside, yes I do.