Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cyclist Scum

Just meandering down to the doctors to drop my prescription in and I saw what so many many people encounter every day in that a cyclist ignores all the “rules of the road” and goes straight through one of the following:

  • Red light
  • Zebra Crossing
  • Small baby in a pram
  • My girlfriend
  • Pregnant woman whom the cyclist proceeds to beat up.*

It was the second on the list here. But unluckily for him, the cycling death dealer, there was a van full (well, 2 occupants) of police right behind his stupid arrogant commie arse.

They pulled him up. And when I was walking past with a big grin on my face, I heard the police person saying “No you didn’t, you are a liar, I saw you..” at him.

So, what should we do about cyclists?

They are fucking vermin, aren’t they? They clog up all the bus lanes with their lardy arse wobbling around the place like plastic spastics on elastic. No wonder the average speed in London is dropping. You can’t run the bastard vermin over!

So, I reckon what we should do is to remove all culpability for running the wankers over and killing them.


No, if we go the “let’s get them insured” business, then that adds another layer of BIG BROTHERdom to everything. If we say they have to buy a Cyclist License, then that’s more scum on the public payroll.

Best thing is to make them fair game. Run the fuckers over. If I had my way there’d be a reward! Certainly stop the bastards cycling on pavements and jumping the red lights, won’t it?



*a true story!

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic impotent rage.

You're pathetic.