Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tax Avoidance – So what?

So, a certain Mr Carr has been “caught” “avoiding” tax, has he? Well, there’s absolutely NOTHING ILLEGAL about that at all. If you’ve got an ISA then YOU are avoiding tax. Got a season ticket loan? Then YOU are avoiding tax.

So shut up. Seriously, just shut up!!!

And anyway, why the hell would you actually want to pay tax? Have you seen what the wonderful government is doing with all YOUR hard earned money? Exactly.

Ok, you are a mental leftie. “Paying tax is a good idea as it helps injured badgers and lesbian rapists” you say. So, are you going to send HMRC a cheque for another £5,000 out of your already taxed income? (Assuming you actually have a job, that is). No? Why? Are you a racist hate-monger or something? If paying tax is good, why not work for nothing and pay 100% tax? Surely that is the best place to be, yes? Oh, I see. You are a twat. Sorry, didn’t see _that_ one coming, did I?

I am paying more tax than my girlfriend earns in a year before tax. I mean. God almighty.

I’d love to pay fuck all tax. Seriously. All the government does with it is to pay sponging lazy bastards, give to India so they can paint their own spaceships a different shade of orange or something, or give to asylum seekers so they can get a new council house and plot to blow up you and me. Oh, and don’t forget the teenage girls who pop one out just to get a house.

What gives these chavs the “right” to be housed at my expense?

Have you seen them?



(That’s two houses you are paying for… plus alcopop and fag allowances….)


Such a wonderful product of the “education” system that I’m funding. Most of them couldn’t even write their own names in crayon by the time they leave school. Unless, of course, their name was “X”.

And the government wants 50%+ of them to go to university? WTF is all this about? Going to university to study Nail Technology or Vajazzling? Eh? And in the name of “equality” there’s now Pejazzling also.

I think they all need a serious bit of kicking them up the arse.

I’m having to scrimp and save like mental to get the rent money – and more so since Clare and I have found a lovely flat just up the road to move into at some time in the next month or so.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another Eventful Time


It is I.

There is something moving around and it ain’t us!

And that’s just Aliens or something like that.

And according to Mother, I now have T minus 38 days to reach minimum safe distance. Give or take.

Things will become less deranged closer to the event. Just remember: stay indoors!

Euro 2012 Tattooed Mongs

What is it about footballers and grossly obscene tattoos? Are they really that uncouth? Obviously you aren’t going to get a person with >100 IQ as a footballer (apart from Roy Keane, obviously) but I mean. Come on.

God alone knows what their wives look like.

Maybe John Terry can tell us…?


P.S. And stop spitting everywhere. For God’s sake!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Or how about sacking the bastards?


How many people would be happy to get a job? Driving a bus? Hah.

For these scummy wankers, sack the lot of them.

Let’s see how many would re-apply for their own jobs with a much reduced salary and no fucking £500 bonus for just turning up for their jobs.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Possible Woo and Yay!

Clare and I are going to view a property on Wednesday. A one bedroom place in South Croydon. 5 min from the station. Saw it yesterday informally, as it is still being renovated… Surprised smile Quiet, and with a nice front garden to soak up the sun.

Seeing it at 7pm on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Big hugs!