Monday, 31 December 2012

Two Years!

Well, two years together now and at last we are actually living together rather than Clare squatting at my old place, much to the amusement of my old landlord, Glen. So here’s a cheer to you! Yay!

For our second anniversary we went to the Little Bay restaurant in South Croydon and had a truly lovely time. Great food, quite reasonably priced too, with a bottle of bubbly to keep us warm against the wind and rain outside. Next time we go, which we will, we’re going to try for a Booth. They are so cute!

So, two years of loveliness, hugs, snuggles and so so much love! Here’s to 2013 and hopefully good news.

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Lovely Party

Last weekend we had Clare’s mum, sister, aunt, uncle and various randomly arriving cousins popping in for a house-warming dinner.

Cooked and served up by yours truly was a lovely stuffed rolled shoulder of pork (with a parma ham chicken breast stuffed with things also), roast potatoes, roasted veggies and a can of peas. At least that’s how I read it!!


Clare made a delicious cheesecake which was yummed up very quickly indeed! Oh boy, her cakes are amazing!!!

And nobody died. Which is a good sign the food was great.

Unfortunately, all the wine was consumed, along with some champagne also. And a big bag of crisps.

Everybody** took turns in knocking over the wine, so I reckon 2 bottles ended up on the floor.