Friday, 12 April 2013

She’s dead. And now what?

Ok, Margaret Thatcher is now dead. What a shocker that was. The mad lefties would expect her to live forever on the spleens of young virgins, I suppose.

But no, they are now trying to uprise against the evilness, if you could call it that, of having your life to yourself, without having to consult your local Union Representative.

So, Saturday:

Poll Tax riots again in London town. WTF is that all about? What the hell will it achieve except to show the “demonstrators” to be a bunch of cunts? Luckily my Clare isn’t working that day.

Of course, the vast vast majority of the unwashed at these places will be born outside of Thatcher’s years of direct influence. But that doesn’t matter, does it? No, let’s have fucking riot with lots of looting. If some mad black drug dealer kicks off a load of riots then what for this? God, I’d have armed the police with shotguns and told them there’s a bonus for each fucker they kill….

So, in summary, a nice riot or 4 or 90 celebrating the death of somebody they never knew. Lovely, isn’t it? Free shoes and TVs. Yay!

Commie wankers.

From whatever happens to the actual burial on Wednesday, I shudder to think. The whole world will be looking at us. What will we be showing them? A dignified (and suppressed if you are of that nature) event, or a bunch of baying leftie bastard scum? I reckon the latter.

But prove me wrong - - please.

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