Tuesday, 22 April 2008

John Prescott Is Bullemic

Please forgive my laughing. I mean, John Prescott, the ex Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, who happens to weight about 40 stones, admits to being bullemic. How many bullemia sufferers happen to weigh half a ton, FFS? 

None of them, you self-serving political moron!

"I took refuge in stuffing my face". Of course you did you big fat slug. You made such a complete ballsup of your job, systematically wrecking the country and holding everybody - including your wife when shagging your secretary - in contempt, that you made up for it with shoving chocolate eclairs down your maw, at tax-payers expense. You make me sick. Sorry for the "pun".

Come on. What an insult to those poor unfortunates who are actually suffering from bullemia and not from excess cake consumption. I bet none of them need size XXXXXXXL pants.

Mr Prescott is a total waste of space and should be hung from a lamppost, should a sturdy one be found. And comply with health and safety regulations. Natch.

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