Sunday, 19 October 2008

Cyclists are idiots!

Yesterday I took my 7 year old daughter down to the park. This involved crossing a relatively busy road in our little town. Get to the crossing, press the button. The lights go red and the green man thing appears, along with beeping. This means that we can cross. So we start crossing.

I look around and see 1 stopped car and a cyclist, who is about 30 feet away from the stop line. No problem.

I'm half way over the road when the cyclist shoots past behind me, with my 7 year old shouting "He didn't stop, Daddy!"

Cyclists are a bunch of twats. They should all be shot. And then stuffed down a drain. A menace. The more that get run over and killed the better!


Anonymous said...

Fuck wit green bastards the lot of them! They think they are immune to the road rules.......cunts

Anonymous said...

I agree, I had a crazy cyclist come upto our car today, abusing me calling me every swear under the sun, I wasnt even driving... Just parked, apparently he thought I was someone else who overtook him or something??? I told him to back off that I had NO idea what he was talking about... He then reached his arm into the car and tried to grab me, I pushed him away and locked the windows and doors, I was downright scared of this psycho! Luckily a guy behind saw what happened and made him go away. I've never been so scared in my life.

Mr Angry said...

Cyclists are just mental scum. They all deserve to die.

BTW, pleeeeeease subscribe to my blog. You'd be the third!

I am so angry about everything!

Spurwing Plover said...

I absolutly cant stand their arrogant attatudes just becuase their riding their stupid bicycles they think their better then the rest of us or they use obsine jesturres or swear at motorists and pedestrians or the behavior of those damn bicycle messengers they are totaly rude and inconsiterate and they should be banned and the others deserve their bicycles warpped around their necks

Anonymous said...

you people are all fat idiots , generalising and dehumanising other people. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even suggesting killing someone. Twats.

Anonymous said...

Whilst killing them is a lttle extreme, insurance for all the damage these idiots cause would be nice. Oh and making them pat attention to the law might no go a miss either !