Sunday, 24 July 2011

Lights! Camera! Trout!

Yes, tonight I will be cooking for my girlfriend. A lovely baked trout with “things yet to be determined”. I’m thinking of one of my dambusters which, as any fule knoe, is a large pepper stuffed with things. Usually spicy things. But will tone down for her pallet. 

This is to say thank you for yesterday’s big birthday dinner….


Lots of lovely bacon, two delish hamburgers, some pigs in blankets and fried potatoes. And the perfectly-cooked egg. Oh and some Champagne*. Nothing but the bestest for me.

Ok, probably not the world’s most healthiest meal, but it was my birthday so shut up! And I needed more zinc in my diet. My body, apparently, is severely zinc deficient now.

Followed by watching “The Hangover” on the telly.

Sad thing was having to wake at 5am to go to work.



* from Spain.

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