Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Human Rights Act

What a load of old shite.

Maybe it has some good intentions, but then, as the man said, the road to hell is paved with those.

Although the papers and the insane carpet-chewing leftie media are going mental about something some lying bastard said about a cat at some group-wank…. the point remains that criminals are seriously taking the piss over this law. Tried to bomb Londoners? Nah. Paeodophiles? Rapists? Illegal scumbags grabbing their share of the leftie money that grows on fucking trees? Nah.

From a complete layman’s point of view, think of it this way. Who is getting seriously fucked over here? The VICTIM? The VICTIM who fights back against the criminals?

Or the POOR SAD CRIMINAL who didn’t really mean to rape, pillage and shite over everything, and now can’t be deported back to the shitty little country he came from because he might get, shock horror, into TROUBLE!


Let’s give the CRIMINAL compensation, and let the VICTIM suffer. Hell, prosecute the VICTIM. For daring to defend himself.

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