Friday, 30 December 2011

Three Hundred and Sixty Five… give a bit.

A year. If you had told me what I have experienced these last 365 days I would have looked at you in "that" way. But, by God, what has happened is destined. I must have been. The likelihood of everything falling into place so _perfectly_ - I mean, what's the chance of that?

To Clar ni Broin, I love you. I always loved you - but I just hadn't met you. You are my one and all. My love. My life. We will be with other forever, and then that extra day.....

I remember looking at the tree in what was my back garden back in 2010, as it shed its leaves. Looking up towards the sky, the clouds above and looking all fluffy. I said to myself that I would never see that sight again. I would be elsewhere. Sad as it is to take that big step into the future, one that I wasn’t entirely sure I should want to take, but I knew I had to. For all our sakes. From that tree was my picture, on my birthday. From there onto teh interwebs, And from there was Clar ni Broin. In the garden of the holy nuns.

Now, I can see the horizon, with the blinding light of the rising sun. Walking forward, arms outstretched. Enormous smile. Heart beating fast. Full of love. At last.

To you, Clare.

I come.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Xmas thoughts....

Well, thats Xmas all done and dusted and it is almost time to think about returning home and getting my work stuff cleaned and ironed for tomorrow.

So, what's been going on then? Well, aside from having lots of fun with the family, opening non-tea-based presents and spending all of yesterday in a post-fluffy miasma, quite a bit actually.

It is coming up to our first anniversary together and that's a very important occasion. There is a lot to celebrate, much to smile about!

So, 2012.... If i thought 2011 was life-changing, 2012 will be even more!

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Just a reminder to check out some more of the more amazingly idiotic language abuse.

Check out my tag: illiterassay isn't it!

The Miliband

What are Labour thinking? I mean, not only have they completely buggered up the economy, leaving mountains of debt that is eye-wateringly enormous, they seem to have put the biggest twat on the throne since Michael Foot.

Enter left, Mr Edward Miliband.


The man is a joke.


What a twat.

Anybody voting for the Tories, the Liebour or the Limp Dems deserve nothing but contempt.

And a nice smack in the chops!

Monday, 12 December 2011

God Damned Uplifting!

Ok, for my fan (well, presumably there must be one…. although my girlfriend says all my stuff sounds the same…..)

A lovely uplifting tooon. One of his Colin’ness on Teh Inderwubs

I am here…..



Never have I felt like this. Best listened to by hearing Coldplay’s “Paradise”…..

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Well and truly fucked!

Well, with the press seemingly intrigued with Mr Clarkson’s comments that striking public sector workers should be taken outside and shot in front on their families (er, nobody seeing this as some mad quip that Mr Clarkson seems to make all the time when screwing women other than his wife?)? Taking this seriously? The Prime Minister making apologies on some BBC chat show about it?

Fuck off. Seriously.

There are much more serious matters out there : the impending collapse of the Euro. Try reading Zero Hedge for what is really happening!


This really is one of those Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned type of things, isn’t it? Bread and Circuses.

Still, at least there are lots and lots and lots of lampposts. I presume there is also copious amounts of piano wire or just a few hundred furlongs of hemp.

Time will tell…..