Tuesday, 20 March 2012

St Patrick’s Day “Tazering”

Went along to what is called “The Quays” on Saturday night with my wonderful girlfriend Clare, and her sister and some friends.

This is me:


I happen to be wearing flashing Irish bunny ears for some reason. And that’s a pint of beer of some description. Not sure what time this was – possibly around 11 ish. The place was rammed something stupid. You could hardly move your eyebrows without bumping into some mad person in a green shirt. Lots of hands shaken after saying I was from Glasgow, which is nice. Pity Ireland lost against England at the rugby. But, on the bright side, Clare looked ever so sexy in her Ireland top. Mmmmm!

Anyway, I quite enjoyed the tazering (that’s what I call what purports to be dancing). The two live bands were excellent. Clare is the most amazing dancer you have ever seen. She is _so_ good! I’m not understating this: she is FUCKING AMAZING!!! She’s got style, the moves, the lyrics, the action and my ever-lasting love for being such, well, lovely and snuggly and wonderful!

After exciting taxi ride home (where one of the occupants was in desperate need of a pee) from Archway down to Norbury then onto Addiscombe, ended up collapsing in bed around 2am. A little earlier than expected.

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