Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dead Cyclists

Well, my girlfriend was seriously delayed going to work on Tuesday following an “accident” between a cyclist and a bus. Guess who won?

I’m not being fatuous.

Check out the pics and also a very telling comment…



Yes, the cyclist cut across in front of the bus.

Probably didn’t want to use the cyclepath that was available and too keen to get to where he wanted to go that he risked death… and lost.


Dioclese said...

I get cross when the blame for injured cyclists is always laid at the foot of the motorist. Many cyclists - I think the majority - think they own the road and the law doesn't apply to them.

Still, there's one less of them around today.

Mr Angry said...

Where the accident was is a bus and tram lane. You'll notice from the picture that there is a cycle lane which is there to keep cyclists safe, that is if they are not mental. Which they undoubtedly are.