Monday, 4 November 2013

No more sucking!

Yep, the lovely overlord masters of the EU are telling us we can’t have nice vacuum cleaners anymore. According to the papers, the maximum power for things that keep our homes nice and clean is to be reduced to 900 watts.


Next up will be kettles. Yep, our fast boil kettles will be reduced to those rubbish travel ones that takes about 30 minutes to heat up a small cup of water, by which time you have given up on tea and hit the gin.


Anonymous said...

There's a way round this, and it applies with lots of domestic appliances such as washing machines, most of which are now cheap disposable rubbish.

Its expensive at first mind, but you buy good quality machines and only buy them once every 20 years or more.

This way you only pay one lot of VAT, so in the process of buying good products that run for years you have the bonus of starving the monster of funds..good bonus that.

Or buy used high quality semi professional equipment instead and pay no tax whatsoever, even better.

The best products are repairable by your local domestic appliance engineer, but research first as with everything.

So double bonus, you've helped the local economy and help to starve the beast.

The system and our masters want good litte consumer clones, incomes taxes and disposable incomes all carefully worked out to keep the clones on the treadmill, you don't have to be one.

Think outside the box, its remarkably liberating.

Leg-iron said...

Actually, I gave up on tea and hit the whisky about fifteen years ago.

It's better.