Friday, 1 August 2008

Tesco cuts recycling incentive

Prior to just recently, our local Tescos had been giving out 1 "point" for every 8 things recycled. You could recycle your collossal plastics collection, bottles, cans etc and get points. And what did those make? Well, a very small amount of cash back, but welcome.

Now, as I drove past tonight on way to buy the essentials such as crisps and a pot noodle, I see that they are now only giving points for recycled cans. Well, stuff all that. I shall now throw my plastic bags, bottles and whatnot into baby polar bear enclosures at the local zoo instead.

And have you seen the price of beef? A cut of "Tesco Quality" beef was going to set me back about £19. Sod off. You're having a laugh.

And anyway, I hope that our local Tescos "deli counter" doesn't get shut down for a month due to a fly infestation again. That would be unfortunate.

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Mrs Chips said...

Mr Ranting Man, I very much enjoy your outbursts and totally agree with your comments and finding. I look forward to your updates.

Keep up the good work!!