Saturday, 20 September 2008

In the park

A lovely day in the park, the sun is shining, the birds are singing
and there is a distinct lack of paedophiles hiding in the bushes. A
Telford council is interrogating lone adults as to why they are in the
park. Obviously to molest kids in a bush. These days everybody is
guilty by decree from the council Nazis.

They should stick to emptying the bloody bins and keeping the
streetlights on!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Office Star Wars

This is soooooo good!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

You have to be joking!

From "A tangled web" comes the story that drivers that are stuck in traffic jams will be fined £20 if they leave their engines on.

Calm calm calm.

Blood pressure rising......

What the fucking fuckity fuck is going on??? Why are these people not hanging from lampposts right now???

Fuck this!!!

It's all gone wrong! We're all going to die!

Well, what with the collapse of Lehman Brothers on Monday, the "sell ourselves before it is too late" from Merril Lynch and the recent run on HBOS, AIG and others today, it looks like the world is coming to an end and we're all going to die. If we're lucky.

Luckily this means that the leftie scum we have in government and running the BBC are having multiple orgasms about the "failure of capitalism". Isn't it great that all those rich bankers that the lefties have derrided over the years with their sickeningly big bonuses and avid fondness for expensive cars, servants and multi billion pound houses will now be kicked out of a job and join the rest of the welfare dependents that the righteous lefties crave.

Tax revenue, you say? Oh, I bet they didn't think of that.

Knock on effects in the wider economy? Oh, didn't think of that either, did you?


Saturday, 13 September 2008

Florida Vacation

It is not long now until our Big Florida Vacation. The Wife (tm) is going to be 14,610 days old. That's 40 years if I'm not mistaken. Bloody hell. That's a long time. But then she's much much older than me. I'll only be 13,985 days old then. The kids will be a mere 2,708 and 1,797 days old respectively.

Anyhow, I've booked a villa, with a pool, in Davenport. Tickets for 14 days of mental mayhem are booked. Car hire is booked. Flights are booked. Car parking at Gatwick is booked.

As this is Disney, it looks like I will have to accompany the kids on all the rides, including the rollercoasters and the scary lift (elevator) thing. Oh how boring! :)

Plus there's a space shuttle mission scheduled which we are going to see.

And lots of "let's push mummy/daddy in the pool" things too.

Tesco Prices

In Tescos last night with the Wife (tm) and kids and we were thinking about getting a nice bit of lamb for Sunday roast. We toddle off to the "Lamb Solutions" isle and find a nice leg.

Then I looked at the price.

Fuck off!!

£22 for a leg of lamb? Are they mad? We tutted for a bit then went to the frozen section. That was £1 per kg cheaper but still expensive. Lucky for us we have a freezer full of lamb, beef, "fish fingers", fish and "misc stuff" to keep us going for about a month.

I know the farmers aren't getting the extra income from all the "food inflation".

I think I'll eat chillies with vegetables (chips).

Bloody Rats!

Got a pet rat? Or do you leave mounds of rotting food lying around in your front garden? Well, watch out for being scratched or bitten by one of them. You'll be dead in 2 days!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


A few weeks ago my fab BFG graphics card (an NVIDIA 8800GTX) went a bit mental and broke. Lots of fuzzy lines on the screen, I couldn't play any games. Bad. Very.

Now, BFG are the sort of company that treats their customers well. And that's why I will always buy BFG cards. Why? Well, they have a 10 year (outside of the US where they have no restriction) replacement guarantee. So I email them, they send back a RMA number and address where to send the card to. Then in today's post arrives the replacement. A 9800GTX+. Hmm. Spot the difference? Yes, it's a different model! Oh my god! They've done me! I'm going to write and complain. Except that the 9800GTX+ is much much faster and better than the 8800GTX. One "generation" up, in fact.

So big thanks go to BFG. They are the best!

In the real world.....

Here's a good letter sent to the Daily Telegraph:

Sir – Public-sector unions are unhappy at the level of pay rises and have been threatening industrial action.

Many in the private sector would be grateful for a rise at all and, in many cases, to be sure of retaining their jobs. I suggest the unions join the real world.
Or fuck off and die.

Indeed, you are completely correct. Why the fuck should I have to pay more taxes (local or general) to fund you? You piece of shit! What we want is investment into something that produces something. You know. Not government waste bullshit. I reckon we could save billions by sacking all you useless shits. If you are that good then get a fucking job you waste of space twats!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

More Horrific Child Abuse!

Yet again we hear of "systemic failure" in the social services that led to the death of a 17 month old baby boy in North London.

The Daily Mail has the details, if you can be brave enough to read them, but here are the salient points:

● The boy was on the "at risk" register for eight months.
● His "mother" and her "boyfriend" were released on police bail (and had him returned to them) on suspicion of assaulting him.
● He had been seen by doctors (including a piece of shit consultant paediatrician) in the run up to his horrific death.

What happened to him? Oh the usual minor things that social workers and consultant paediatricians wouldn't notice in a 17 month old. Stuff like:

● Eight fractured ribs.
● He had swallowed a broken tooth.
● Two of his fingernails and the tips of two other fingers were missing. A toenail was missing.
● Ulcerated lesions on his scalp and the membrane between his upper lip and gum was torn.

oh and a broken back resulting in paralysis.

Minor things, yes. Hardly noticable at all really. The consultant didn't bother doing an examination because the boy was "miserable and cranky". I bet he fucking was. With 8 broken ribs and a broken back? Not to mention all the other tortures. For fuck sake!!

Now here are things that make me even more angry than usual:

The "mother" and boyfriend can't be named for legal reasons. What fucking legal reasons would those be? This leftie skum government are obsessed with protecting the criminals over the innocent.

And here we read that "The prosecutor also warned the jury that there were 'some unsatisfactory features' in the doctor’s evidence including alterations to her notes after P died a few days after."

Unsatisfactory features??? So a lying piece of shit doctor, doctoring (ha!) her notes. I see that she (Dr Sabah Alzayyat) isn't having her name protected for some bullshit "legal reasons".

This shit makes me mad! I mean, how many more? How many more innocent little children will die because of this government? Nobody takes responsibility anymore? Nobody will be fired, demoted or hung from lampposts over this. Over Victoria Climbie, over the Bulger murderers, over any other depraved act of pure evil!

They, and the council social workers, the doctors involved and support workers should be hung from fucking lampposts. That way people will learn not to be "politically correct" when it comes to ensuring the safety of children.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Great Waste Disposal Idea!

Our local free newspaper have started promoting a fantastic new idea at how to get around the Bin Nazis.

As you can see, the idea is that we dump all of our crap at the local charity shops. The staff of said shops can then rummage through all the chicken carcasses, used condoms, engine oil, flasks of biological warefare experiments, dead babies, half-eaten pigeons and piles of plastic bottles!

The staff will use their experience in determining how to price up these items and put them in the shop window. Anything they think they won't be able to sell, they will pay for disposal.

So win win for us!

No Soldiers Allowed

It's been around the blog world already, and even in the national media, but a serving soldier was told that he wasn't allowed to stay in a chain of hotels. Isn't that nice?

Why, the Metro Hotel chain, which I've never heard of - that's how successful they are - perhaps they could be more successful by not having fuckwit policies, have been forced into an apology. Why? Because they've been found out, perhaps?

They say it is because they had some trouble with soldiers before and that they are very very sorry. Ok. Maybe they've had trouble with black people, women and one legged lesbians in wheelchairs before but you can bet your big hairy arse that they wouldn't refuse entry to those categories of customer, won't you?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Little One at School

Well, it was our little daughter's first day at school and she went in all smiles and with plenty of excitement. Little does she know that the crazed lefties will try and indoctrinate her in the "global warming" claptrap. However, your very own Mr Angry will be there to support her and get her to ask her teachers why they are teaching this as fact whereas it is really a religion.

But anyway, she looked very cute and lovely. She was up at 7am asking whether it was time to go to school etc.

I would post some photos, but as we all know the internet is full of paedos, beardie weirdies and just plain nutters. I fall into the latter category.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Why is it.....

I have booked tomorrow off work so I can take my little daughter to
her first day at primary school. I've just left work. So this
basically means that in order to take 1 day off I have to work an
extra 1/2 day. Mental, innit? Or course if I was working in the public
sector (ie a lazy bastard ) there'd be no issue. Bum . Oh well, there
you go.

Monday, 1 September 2008

False alarm

On way home from work early! Why? Given the chop from my investment
banking job?? No, my youngest daughter has knocked herself out on the
coffee table and on herceay to hospital!!!?! More details soon!