Thursday, 11 August 2011

Award-winning Irish Pub….


Oh dear. Clare and I visited Doolin, and went to the award-winning pub called Gus O’Connor’s.  Quite a famous one in fact.

Very very nice food indeed. Lots of crack. Or is it Craic?

Anyways, I digress….

As this is tagged Illiteracy, there’s a rant coming.

What word, vegetable-related, do you think a famous Irish pub would be able to spell? Think Ireland, think…. potatoes.

So what do they go and do?



A fecking Baked Jacket Potatoe indeed.

God, give me strength!

But, if you ever go, do try the Steamed Mussels – just don’t order anything else, FFS. It is bloody enormous!

If you prefer meaty things, go for the Beef & Guinness Stew. That’s about half a cow.

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