Thursday, 11 August 2011

Precision mentalism! And an Irish Welcome.


I do hope you don’t forget to keep your dog on a lead. Otherwise it’s a fine of E 1269.74.

And you can see here it’s a straight conversion from the oddly sterling-based fine amount. However, there are plenty of signs that just give the Euro version. How queer.

I wonder if you would have to provide the exact amount?

Anyway, one of the lovely things about Co Clare (and quite possibly other places too, but I’ve not been able to verify this yet) is that you always see little doggy chaps (and quite likely girlies too) trotting around the place, minding their own business. Nobody else in sight. Just a little hairy fellow trotting along to wherever he’s going.

And the other thing is that everything is soooo clean. No rubbish on the streets like over here. No dog poos, piles of vomit or half-consumed kebabs. Nope. Just clean streets.

Ireland is an amazing place, with amazing and very friendly people. I felt at home, with my new family. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you Brian & Tina for your welcome and giving up your house. Can’t wait to visit again as soon as possible. It’s quite astounding how at home I felt. Celts together, eh?

“Hello, I’m Colin. I’m not English”. Smile

How welcoming? Well…. for example, I was in O’Neil’s pub during a lock-in, and had to go to the loo. Next to me stood some dude who I didn’t know. He turned to me and said “I hear this is the first time you are in Ireland. How are you finding it?”

I mean, what?

And I definitely DIDN’T fall asleep, ok Thomas? Smile

I was just resting my eyes.

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