Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ca-moron, Clegg and the rest

Well, they are a bunch of twonks, aren’t they? Cameron, with his non-existent veto of something he couldn’t have had a veto over because there was nothing to veto. And in the fabulous house of commons he never used the word veto, did he? No, because by doing so would be a lie. And they don’t like that.

Duck house?

So, in the words of the famous Clar Ni Broin, celebrated philosopher, tall girl and very beautiful, I need to vote for somebody. Or was that John? Er. I think it was John. Anyway, what’s the point of voting for somebody who is the least bad alternative? I’d rather staple my balls to a diving board.

This country is so disenfranchised it is unbelievable. Of course the politicians don’t care as long as some bunch or saps vote them in so they can claim for duck houses, moats, sister’s bedroom or vomitarium.

If I don’t see anybody worth voting for on the ballot paper, I will write a rude word in the spaces available.


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