Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cowardly Ship Captain?

Well, we all are to certain parts, aren’t we? If our life capsizes what do we do? Rush for the lifeboats, leaving our dependents on the ship, or do we stay with our ship which is sinking?

Is there a medium?


For me, my lifeboat was my girlfriend who didn’t judge and who loves me on who I am now and who I will become. I was welcomed onto her lifeboat without any preconceptions, without any history. This, I have welcomed with outreached arms; in love; in pure happiness.

For years I never knew what I could do; what I should do; what I was; or what I could be…. All I knew is that I was so full of love and had nowhere to give it to. I knew that was the same for so many years – maybe I didn’t want to admit it. But….

Then I found my Clare. She can take all I want to give her, and she gives back just as much, if not more. Much more.

I have found two things:

  • love; and
  • trust.

I never thought I would find those.

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