Monday, 13 February 2012

Abu Qatada



Here’s yet another reason why you shouldn’t vote for the poncey-haired commie twat Boris Johnson in the upcoming elections. The guy has his head so shoved far up his anus that he’s sucking his own tongue, from below.

Here’s what we should do with this piece of shit (Qatada, not Johnson, although….):

  • Shoot the fucker in the face with an exploding face-harpoon.

Problem solved.

No way I’m paying tax to support this piece of shit.

And the CommieGraph doesn’t tell you WHY he’s not kicked out. It’s all to do with the COMMIE judges and the insanely anti-Christian judges who are so left they make Stalin look like, well, Stalin.

So here’s what we do:

  • Shoot the fucker (give him the option to fuck off somewhere else – he can pay his fare)
  • Shoot all the fuckers (give them option to fuck off somewhere else – likewise)
  • No benefits whatsoever to scummy foreign types who have not paid tax.
  • To be fair, no benefits to home-grown spongers who have not paid tax.
  • Previous abode in the EU and trying to claim asylum? Fuck you. Here’s a bullet to your ugly face, you beardy wanker!
  • Judge this, you leftie wankbaskets. Die, and horribly so!

I pay £20k+ a year in tax. Plus my ex gets equivalent of £26k untaxed benefits from me (which are post tax), plus benefits (like no council tax). And she says she is poor. Jesus Christ in a chicken basket!

I’m not paying it for these c*nts. And if you support them, then you deserve MY judgement too!


I am so fucking angry!!!!!!

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