Saturday, 18 February 2012

Emma West : The Trial

Well, from following the original Croydon Tram video of her spouting off some obnoxious bollocks against people who are completely innocent, she’s been hauled in front of the so-called magistrates to beg for her wossnames. Good luck with that babe.

From me, I was shocked and horrified what she did in front of her little child, never mind what she was saying. Tiger-Tiger anybody?

Never actually having visiting New Addington, I get the idea it isn’t the wondrous multcult society. But also having seen what the daft cow has spouted on about I can’t see how she can say it “never happened”. Er. Yes it fucking has. Have you seen yourself on youtube? Daft bag!


Plus, as an avid tramfan what the fuck is that pic? Colours all wrong. SPECIAL? Mong more like. Gits. And it’s not even East Croydon either! FFS!

(Maybe I should lie down in a dark place…..)

Anyway, back to the topic….

Rant away, you horrid person

Quite frankly I can’t see what the hell is the problem…. On the one hand we have one woman spouting shite. And, er. Well that’s it.

On THURSDAY, I had two white women giving each other some gip on the train coming into East Croydon. “Don’t talk to me like a child”, “Don’t fucking act like one then, bitch!” followed by a few minutes later by “Would Inspector Sands go to platform 3….” Of course, that’s not a CRIME nowadays, as it’s not favouring one of the pet classes.

I’m sure this Emma person has some issues, with the uncontrolled immigration in this country, however as being a Brit, and all that, there are certain ways of going about things. What she did was inexcusable. Especially in front of her child.

However, I do not think dragging her in front of the media like this will solve anything.

The Mail are pumping up support for the BNP, which I do not like at all, but wouldn’t stop their access to the media.

For me, I want to know all the facts, all the truth (not necessarily the same!). BBC? Fuck you, you commies.

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