Friday, 6 April 2012

A Message To The Past..

I took my blog temporarily down yesterday after having a long conversation with my (soon to be) ex-wife. She was upset at some of the language I used, and at some of the posts I’ve put up.

I have amended a couple of postings from last year.

And I would like to state, on, and for, the record:

  • I was never really a good dad. I thought I was, but I wasn’t. I had issues and problems, mainly around how much I was drinking, working late and how much time I spent with my girls. I am doing my best now.
  • I tried to guide her, but obviously came across as being a bully and a control freak.
  • I am honestly sorry for everything – we should have split a long time ago and not tried to carry on like we could fix something that was so monumentally broken.
  • I have always tried my best to support my loved ones.
  • I did things that although I don’t recall, have resulted in pain.

My STBX wife and I had many issues which went for a long time unresolved. We both had some bad instances. We both have done very bad things. However, they no longer matter as we are both in a much better life now.

Things have now changed and we are both free of our past life and of each other. I am with Clar ni Broin. She is with Simon. We are both very happy with our new lives.

So what is the point digging at each other anymore? I don’t see there is one.

I hold nothing against her. I wish her all the best, all the love that she certainly deserves, and needs. T, I will still be your friend if you will have me.

To the World:

  • I love my girls and want nothing but the best future for them, with love, excitement, for them to achieve what they can, with all our support.
  • Am so proud of you in the Gang Show this year.


  • I want them to meet my Clar ni Broin sooner rather than later. Clar is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. So loving, so kind, so gentle, so accepting, so smiley and so so so much in love with me. _I_ am the happiest man that has ever lived, truly.

For everything that has happened, let us learn from the mistakes. Clare and I are so much in love, it is incredible, We plan a wonderful life together.

A couple of my tunes, just to raise up your spirits:

A lovely second one….

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