Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Women and Ticket Barriers

What is it with these people? They are approaching a ticket barrier along with hundreds of other plebs and it's only when they physically get to the barrier that their teeny weeny little brains decided to rummage through 2 or more handbags (or, worse still, one of those horrid pull-along suitcases on wheels) for their damned ticket!

I mean, it isn't difficult, is it? Have your bloody ticket in your pocket!

What I think their little brains are doing is as follows:
"Shoes, handbags, shoes, nice dresses, shoes, shoes, ticket barrier approaching, shoes, handbags, hair, does my bum look big in these trousers, shoes, hair, shoes, oh at ticket barrier now what should I do? Shoes, ticket barrier, handbag, hair, hair, shoes, shoes, must find ticket, shoes, hair...." etc

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooohhh! Unfair angry rantin man! We dont all have pockets like you guys!